Prelude is a SIEM (Security Information & Event Management)
This is a security control tool. Prelude collects and centralizes the company's security information to provide a steering central point. Through the log analysis and correlation, Prelude alerts you in real time of intrusion attempts and threats on your network. Prelude offers several tools of investigation and reporting on your big data to identify the weak signals that may prefigure of advanced persistent threats (APT). Finally, Prelude has all the tools for operating aid to simplify the operators’ work and risk management.




Ensure the monitoring of your security.

Prelude collects and stores information to provide an overview of the security level of your system. Log analysis and correlation enables Prelude to provide real time alerting for intrusion and threats on your information system.

« We use Prelude for 5 years and it has become an essential tool to manage a high level security of information system. Thanks to its modularity, Prelude easily handles the expansion and evolution of our infrastructure, without diminishing its ability to collect and correlate in real time critical security events from thousands of equipments. »


Mike Firsoff

CISO Alfastrakhovanie (3rd Russian Insurance Company)