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Prelude OSS is a complete security monitoring solution for modest-sized infrastructures. Originally created by Yoann Vandoorselaere, Prelude OSS is the open source SIEM reference since 1998. All the project sources and documentation are available on the community website.

Caution: The performances of Prelude OSS do not enable to monitor a large-sized infrastructure more than a few days. Indeed, the database performance decreases exponentially with the number of collected alarms.

How to contribute?

An open source project cannot survive for long time without your contributions. There are several simple and easy ways to participate in the Prelude OSS development :

  • If you have developed/improved LML rules
  • If you have developed/improved the correlation rules and that they are generic enough
  • If you have developed a patch
  • If you have written an article on Prelude OSS

Thank you for your participation

The Prelude Team