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Thanks to the use of the format IDMEF (RFC 4765) and LibPrelude, Prelude is natively compatible with all major Open-Source anti-intrusion sensors. Therefore, these probes can be stored at the Prelude manager and submit their notifications directly.


The Benefits 

  • Reduced volumes of logs to be transmitted over the network (only the alerts are sent)
  • Top response time of the SIEM solution
  • Opportunity to improve network security by relying on open-source components
  • Compliance with the IDMEF standard and its wealth for your network different components

The installation and configuration of these probes on your system is available through the service Prelude Deploy

Probe Function Website
Snort NIDS (Network Intrusion Detection System)
Surricata NIDS
Ossec HIDS (Host Detection Intrusion System)
Samhain HIDS
Orchids Forensique
Mod-security WAF (Web Application Firewall)
ClamAV Anti-virus
SpamAssassin Anti-Spam
Squid Proxy
CrawlProtect WAF PHP
Auditd Sécurité Noyau Distribution Linux