Cybersecurity has become an essential issue for enterprises as well as states. The Verizon annual study figures confirm the magnitude and the amplification of risks:


  • $400 million: this is the financial loss estimated linked to the leaks of data
  • The attacks with the cyber-spying’s aim have increased by 200%
  • Nearly 80 000 incidents were detected in 61 countries in 2014, with 2 122 proven cases of loss of data
  • In 38% of the cases, a few seconds are enough to the attackers to jeopardize a system
  • In 28% of the cases, it only takes a few minutes to steal the data
  • 85% of the attacks by abuse of privileges come from a connected user on the local network of the company


With the professionalization of cybercrime, both in technics and tools, today it is essential to strengthen the protection of information systems. The multiplicity of means of protection like firewall, antivirus, anti-spam and other probes, remains however useless if it is not accompanied by the establishment of a steering tool to oversee the security.


Prelude a complete solution

Prelude is a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), a security steering solution to collect, filter, normalize, correlate, store, index and archive the information from disparate sources on your information system. From this information, Prelude can provide an overview of the security level of your system, identify threats and risks and thus prevent attacks, intrusions, and viral infections. The three main functions of Prelude are the following.

Collects, analyses and correlates all the system information and extracts in real time, the suspicious events to alert operators of a current threat.

Collects, indexes and archives all the log information system. It provides operators research utilities during audits or investigations.

Provides advanced analysis interfaces and graphics on all real-time data archived to assist operators in their work.