Prelude OSS | The Open Source Reference


Prelude OSS is the Open Source version of Prelude SIEM. It is the Open-Source reference in terms of intrusion detection for more than 10 years. The implementation of the standard format IDMEF (RFC 4765: Intrusion Detection Message Exchange Format) enables it to be compatible with many open source probes like Snort, Suricata, Ossec, SAMHAIN, etc.

It is available for download on the Prelude community Website, in the form of sources or RPM packages for CentOS/RedHat and also in the majority of the Linux distributions (Mandriva, Debian, Fedora, etc.).

Prelude OSS is distributed under GPL V2 licence.


  • Prelude OSS is for the training, research organizations and limited-size IT infrastructures
  • Prelude OSS is not intended for production on critical or large-size environments
  • Prelude OSS performance is limited and degrades proportionally to the volume of data to manage
  • Compatible with the commercial versions, Prelude OSS can also be used for evaluation, bearing in mind that it implements a limited set of features