Prelude SOC|  Drive your security


Prelude MAP

Map is a viewing synoptic module of your network security status. Unlike the simplistic maps based on the GeoIP coordinates which may not represent your internal network, Map works on cartography that you can adapt to suit your needs. A security indicator is associated with each of your equipment. You can display its availability, level of vulnerability, its value and its conformity. Map enables you, with a simple look, to identify the state of a threat on each portion of the network. Map is a vital module for a Security Operations Centre (SOC). It offers a global vision of the state of the network and enables the center manager to have a synthetic monitoring.

Prelude ASSET

The Asset module enables you to integrate the management of your IT infrastructure with overseeing its security. It is also possible from an alert to find the details of a host as well as all the software installed on it. This information is essential, for example, to perform an update in the case of a detected security breach. The asset module offers the following features:

  • Automatic creation of pre-filled incident tickets
  • Ability of workflow Incident management
  • Link between the tray of alerts and the inventory
  • Ability to access the history of a device or application
  • Automatic infrastructure discovery

Prelude asset is very useful to facilitate the use of Prelude medium and large size infrastructures.

Prelude REPORT

Prelude SIEM comes with a management module of "standard" reports for security monitoring. The Report module provides more advanced report management capabilities. With Report, you can define custom reports; edit them online from the Web interface. Multiple Office export formats are available. It is also possible to generate new ad hoc reports for real-time data analysis. Prelude Report is necessary for organizations seeking to carry out complex and very specific reports.

Prelude VULN

Prelude Vuln is a vulnerability management solution. Integrated in the Prelude portal, it can launch and schedule vulnerabilities scans on the whole infrastructure. In addition, this module is connected to the PRELUDE correlator which gives the ability to correlate potential attacks with infrastructure residual vulnerabilities. So fora known alert on a known vulnerability, its criticality level will rise in the alert tray. Vuln is the essential complement to your SIEM to improve the depth of your security.