Monitor your IT integrity and confidentiality

What is Prelude SIEM ?

Prelude is a French SIEM (Security Information & Event Management).

 It is a complete governance solution for computer security systems.

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Prelude SIEM offers a central point of control for the security of your information system. It collects all the traces, correlates and aggregates them to provide an easily operated overall view.

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Prelude SIEM helps you detect intrusion attempts on your information system. It combines multiple detection technologies to offer you an in-depth detection.

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Finally, Prelude SIEM supports you throughout the remediation phase of attacks or attempted attacks through its investigation and resolution workflow functionality.

Pilot your cybersecurity

Prelude SIEM helps you to ensure cyber protection of your company by helping to maintain the information system in safe conditions. By combining several complementary techniques, it offers in-depth intrusion detection functionalities to detect all types of intrusions. This is the essential tool to give you an overview of your security and the means to control it.

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“The establishment of a SOC around the Prelude SIEM is a significant advance in the management of cyber security for our services and will allow us to take an important step in taking control of our information system”

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