About.. Prelude SIEM

The Prelude story began in 1998:

1998 Creation of the Open-Source Prelude IDS project to develop a network anti-intrusion probe

Prelude merges with the Trithème project which implements a first version of the IDMEF standard

2005 Creation of the company Prelude Technologie and marketing of a Prelude Pro version
2008-2012 Partnership between Prelude Technologies and CSSI around their two complementary solutions: Prelude and Vigilo
2012 CSSI acquires Prelude Technologies. The creator and core developer of Prelude joins the Prelude team
2012-2015 Plentiful investments to take Prelude to the next level of the SIEM market. The whole framework and interfaces are redeveloped in recent technologies. The core of IDMEF processing, coded and highly optimized in C, is preserved.
2015 Completed with a SIM module (Archive), Prelude IDS becomes Prelude SIEM
2016 Start of the Unity project for convergence between performance and safety monitoring
2018 20th anniversary of Prelude SIEM
To be continued...