Prelude SIEM in the field of administration

As all critical operators, administrations are the target of cybercrime. The dematerialization of administrative procedures and the gradual automation of treatments have increased the number of systems and connections that are potential points of vulnerability. (Case Studies)


  • Ensure protection systems, while respecting budgetary constraints.
  • Ensure interoperability of their systems with other jurisdictions (respect GIR).
  • Protect platforms for cloud services.
  • Train staff to the risks of cyber attacks through social engineering and phishing.
  • Ensure high availability of systems and information recovery process in case of failure or attack.
  • Protect sensitive data of citizens.


  • Prelude SIEM is the only French and European alternative SIEM to solutions combining efficiency and price optimization.
  • The CS company has a recognized experience in government.
  • The HMI of Prelude are available in French.
  • Prelude is the only SIEM in the world whose the development team and the level 3 of support is provided natively in French.
  • In 2015, Prelude has the label “France Cybersecurity” guaranteeing its origin and quality development.
  • The Prelude solution has one of the best efficiency / market prices ratios, reinforced by the use of probes natively compatible open source that reduce the total cost of deployment of the security infrastructure.
  • Standard formats IDMEF and IODEF, implemented in Prelude, are now recommended in the new version of GRI (General Repository for Interoperability of the French government).
  • The Prelude solution is the most modular on the market, allowing it to adapt to lower costs in complex and decentralized architectures such as large administrations.
  • In addition to its design and deployment services, CS offers the specific Training Service course for training and staff awareness of cyber-risks.
  • Prelude has all the necessary mechanisms to build a highly secure detection infrastructure: compression and data encryption, encryption flow between modules, inverted relay mechanism to manage the protection of DMZ without inflow, etc.

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