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Our various partnership programs

We continue to strengthen our partnership policy in France and abroad with a new revised program adapted to the needs of our partners.

Several partnership programs are available today.

VAR - Integrators

With expertise in cyber security, you want to offer the Prelude SIEM solution to your customers. We offer to accompany you to rise in competence of our solutions and in promoting Prelude with your prospects.

The partnership VAR – Integrators:

  • Access to partner area of the Prelude site support
  • Provision of an NFR version for your demonstrations and internal training
  • Priority access to the latest versions of Prelude
  • Providing you with our marketing material and sales
  • Training or self-study program
  • Support in the implementation of your customers POCs
  • Support and documentation in French
  • Response capacity of the support team
  • Strong product adaptability to existing environments
  • Etc.

MSSP - Operators

You want to offer a managed security service to your customers. You have or will mount a SOC infrastructure and are looking for a solution capable of providing all the functions required for this service.

Among the MSSP capabilities of Prelude:

  • Management of multitenancy
  • Refined Management of rights and access permissions
  • Ability to define multiple configuration profiles
  • Editing and programming clear and customizable reports
  • Variety of supported architectures: centralized, distributed, remote, etc.
  • Possibility of automation and notification
  • Possibility to deport different monitoring screens in “reading” mode for the client
  • PDIS (SIDSP, Security Incident Detection Service Providers) compatibility in terms of functionality and architecture
  • Etc.

Training Center (Private / academic)

You want to train your students or interns to intrusion detection using a tool that implements the field of reference standards.


  • Providing an course on the setting up of a SIEM (Practical course with Prelude SIEM)
  • Provision of a class and practical work environment
  • Provision of a course on cyber security standard formats (IDMEF, IODEF SIC OASIS, etc.)
  • Coaching during training


  • Provision of a course on intrusion detection (practical course with Prelude OSS)
  • Provision of a IDMEF course
  • Provision of a VA preconfigured course
  • Provision of TPs
  • Possible intervention of our trainers at a price “education”

Technology Partners IDMEF

If you are a publisher / developer of a security solution, we can help you to make your software IDMEF compatible via our library that can generate IDMEF objects and send them via a secure channel. This optimized library, available in several languages (Python, C, Perl, etc.), allows IDMEF compatibility with a few lines of code (between 10 and 50 lines).

Proprietary products:

  • Free provision of libprelude license for use in a proprietary code
  • Providing a free version of Prelude to test the connector
  • Assistance with programming the connector
  • Promoting your software within the IDMEF Alliance (eg IDMEF Partner Program)

Open-Source Software:

  • Assistance with programming connector
  • Promoting your software within the IDMEF Alliance and the Prelude OSS community

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