bannière defense Prelude SIEM

Prelude SIEM: defense domain

Cybersecurity is a national issue. The states have become the target of terrorist movements whose offensive can put an entire country to its knees. It has become paramount for the armed forces to develop cybersecurity means to ensure the nation's defense. (Client cases)


  • Ensure the protection of all critical infrastructures from headquarters to the operational theatres.
  • Have mastered and sovereign tools.
  • Deploy security tools on different confidentiality levels.
  • Equip themselves with tools capable of high automation for non-specialist and multidisciplinary staff.
  • Ensure the IT systems interoperability with the rest of the administrations.
  • Acquire tools that can be deployed in highly decentralized environments.


  • SIEM solution developed and maintained in France.
  • Prelude Web UI is available in French.
  • Man-machine interface, medias and documentation are available in French.
  • Prelude is the most modular SIEM of the market. It is able to adapt to decentralized architectures.
  • With the best performance/resource ratio, Prelude can be deployed in highly constrained environments.