Prelude SIEM in the field of Energy

The first targets of cybercrime were essentially monetary platforms with in particular the diversion of payment card code, as well as theft and reselling of personal information. The risks now involve much more critical infrastructure for the states. Among them, energy infrastructures, on which all other critical services rely, represent a prime target that is necessary to protect. A massive attack on a country, as is now the fear, would definitely start with energy infrastructure to quickly weaken any overall resilience. (Case Studies)


  • Monitor traditional IT infrastructure, but also adapt to industrial infrastructure such as SCADAS.
  • Respect the boundaries between different security level zones.
  • Ensure interoperability between different platforms.
  • Protect from malicious acts, driven in particular by activist groups to tarnish the company’s image.


  • With its powerful and rich mechanism for trace analysis, Prelude can adapt easily to all existing formats, including “in-house” format.
  • Prelude transport bus allows passage through the different partitioning mechanisms such as firewalls, proxies but also the diodes.
  • Prelude offers all the tools to effectively protect in real time all communication media, including web servers, which then become very complex to disfigure.
  • The CS company regularly works in the field of energy, both in infrastructure and in their security constraints. Through this particular expertise, we can effectively assist you in implementing your SIEM infrastructure.

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