bannière energy prelude siem

Prelude SIEM: energy domain

Cybercrime's first targets were essentially monetary platforms, especially diversions of credit card, the theft and the resale of personal information. The risks are now involving critical states infrastructures. Among these, an energy infrastructure, upon which all other critical services rely on, represents an attractive target which is vital to protect. A massive attack on a country, as we can now fear, would definitely start by energy infrastructures to quickly undermine any overall resilience. (Client cases)


  • Global monitoring of conventional IT infrastructures along with industrial infrastructures including SCADAs.
  • Comply with areas partitioning with different security levels (in nuclear power plants for instance).
  • Ensure interoperability between different platforms.
  • Protect against malicious acts driven by activist groups to tarnish the company’s image.


  • The rich and powerful mechanism for trace analysis enables Prelude to adapt itself easily to all the existing formats, including "custom" formats.
  • Prelude transport bus enables the passage through different partitioning mechanisms such as firewalls, proxys but also diodes.
  • Prelude offers all the mechanisms to protect effectively and in real time, all communication medias, including web servers, which then become very complex to distort.
  • CS has been working for many years in the energy sector, both in infrastructure and in its security constraints. Through this particular expertise, we can effectively assist you in the implementation your SIEM infrastructure.