Official release of Prelude Entreprise

Six months after its acquisition, CS announces a new version of its SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) solution: Prelude Enterprise 1.0
On the program of this version based on Prelude Pro, CS unveils five major new modules:

Prelude Map: A synoptic interface for risk and alert visualization. inherited from its Vigilo suite, Prelude Map allows security alerts to be represented on synoptic maps of the network. These maps can be navigated and edited in “wysiwyg” mode within a browser. This interface is intended for security center managers for a synthetic view of the network security status.

Prelude Log Manager: A log file management module, the log management module allows you to archive, index and search raw logs for information system components. This module, which complements the real-time management of alerts, is designed for analysts to carry out post-attack investigations. Based on NoSQL technologies, PLM allows you to manage large volumes of logs while maintaining very high search speeds. PLM offers additional search interfaces and a command script to perform advanced searches and analyses.

Prelude Inventory: Connection with the inventory modulePrelude Inventory offers the possibility of connection with an external inventory system. It is thus possible from an alert to find the status of a host and all software versions installed on this host. This information is essential to quickly update, for example, in the event of a detected security breach.

Prelude knowledge base: Link with a knowledge base modulePrelude Enterprise embeds a knowledge base that your teams can feed in order to gradually improve their procedures against attacks.

Prelude Report: Report generationPrelude Report allows you to create reports and statistics in real time as well as in delayed time. For the departments, it makes it possible to periodically publish paper reports presenting the main security indicators of the information system. For the centre manager, it allows the construction of dashboards (web interface) to monitor security indicators in real time. Finally, for analysts, it allows them to build and display graphs and/or analysis tables in real time and from the web interface. Built on the Talend ETL and the JasperSoft report generator, Prelude Report also makes it possible to consolidate statistical data with any information external to SIEM such as an inventory, a supervision system, etc. With its new modules, CS is strengthening its Prelude offer and can now compete with the leaders in the SIEM market. CS will present its new offer at the 2012 security conference in Monaco.