Prelude OSS

The open-source version of Prelude SIEM


Prelude OSS is the open-source version of Prelude SIEM. It is therefore an open source SIEM for test environments.

ATTENTION, some of you are surprised of the performance and limited functionality of Prelude OSS:

  • Prelude OSS is for testing, assessments and small parks.
  • The version OSS performance is much lower than the Pro version.
  • The decline in performance increases with the number of stored basic events (hence the duration of use).
  • If you want to deploy Prelude in an operational environment, we recommend moving to the SIEM or SOC release after possibly evalutating this product with the OSS version (evolution is compatible and allows you to keep your data).

The latest version of Prelude OSS is available for download on the community site.

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