The Prelude SIEM team is pleased to announce the release of version 5.1. The main novelties are the following.


  • Improved Machine Learning features
  • Reporting management: better customization, new formatsexports, possible export of dashboards, etc.
  • Entity management (customers): “physical” partitioning possible byentities on all the data (alerts, logs, etc.)
  • Increased performance and ergonomics of the Forensic HMIs


  • Performance / maintainability / backend compatibility improvements
  • Possible parallelization of inserts based on IDMEF alerts(multi-process / multi-machine insertion)

Virtual Appliance Security Strengthening:

  • Add / Improve / Optimize SELinux rules
  • Encrypted configuration of all default flows
  • Hardening partitioning parameters


  • Track license usage metrics in the HMI
  • Rewriting of Prelude-AdminDB in python
  • New utility for executing administrative actions of Prelude HMIs
  • Better granularity in the management of Prelude plugins
  • Nessus / OpenVAS support via HMIs