Prelude OSS 1.1.0 is available

Prelude OSS 1.1.0 is available for download at evolutions in the HMI and many bug fixes:
  • Finishing the “host_command” option to associate a command with an IP address in the Prewikka interface. For example, it is possible to launch the nmap command on the source address of an attack with a single click and see the result in a Prewikka tab,
  • Added a similar option with a “host_url” URL to open a web address by providing the host name (or IP address) as a parameter. This makes it possible to automate the opening of a window displaying the host’s inventory,
  • Possibility to show/hide all tables in the “Probes” tab at once,
  • Possibility to filter by probe model,
  • etc.

The sources are available at the following address:

The release notes are available at the following address:

New collaborative project: LML-Rules

In parallel with this publication and following the spontaneous sending of several LML rules by different contributors, we have opened a new project called lml-rules to encourage the contribution and sharing of LML rules.

You will find on the community site tips and information for creating and sharing LML rules.

Have a good test and good contribution!

The Prelude IDS Team