Prelude SIEM in accordance with RGI V2

The General Interoperability Reference Framework has been officially in force since 20 April 2016. Based on the work of the SECEF project conducted by CSEF in partnership with Telecom Sud Paris and Centrale Supelec, the state modernization services have included the IDMEF (RFC 4765) and IODEF (RFC 5070) formats in the “Security Messages” chapter. These formats are referenced at the “recommended” level, which is the highest level of this document.

The SECEF (SECurity Exchange Format) project supported by the Ministry of Defence and ANSSI aims to improve and promote the use of standards in the fight against cybercrime, an area where cooperation is essential in the face of increasingly well-organised cybercriminal networks.

Prelude SIEM has been implementing the IDMEF format since its inception and the IODEF format since version 2.1 (2014

Prelude Team