Security has a price but in Prelude we wish it to be calculated as fairly as possible. The pricing models based on the volume of events where storage volumes have many drawbacks. For one, it is often difficult to anticipate these data and secondly, they can change drastically during an attack for example.

During these times, you will have other things to do than to call us to negotiate a license extension. For some, this type of restriction sometimes leads to “filter” upstream information that will be sent to the SIEM in order to decrease the volume. While this may seem logical, it goes against in-depth detection methods that need to rely on all the data even those that seem innocuous.

That’s why at Prelude SIEM, the cost of the license depends primarily on the number of devices that send their data to SIEM whatever the volume. No hidden costs, no limited volume, no limit to the number of users. So you pay the right price and you will not get any unpleasant surprises in the future.

Prelude SIEM is a tool at the forefront of technology

In addition to the product, we offer many advantages, such as:

  • Help in planning Prelude SIEM
  • Personalized support when deploying the SIEM in your business.
  • Customizing software business functions to your needs.
  • customized training for your employees.

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