Most companies and organizations have become totally dependent on their information systems. It ensures the production, customer relations, R & D, accounting, billing, etc. In some companies every minute of malfunction of the information system can cause considerable financial losses. It has become essential to monitor the health of its information system in real time. Ideally it should be possible to anticipate failures before they occur and in the worst case remedy them quickly.

Vigilo NMS is a NMS (Network Management System)

It is a tool that allows you to monitor at a central point availability and performance of your entire information system. Vigilo NMS monitors the network, systems and applications. Its modularity and its design allow it to address average to very large parks. Vigilo NMS offers all the services necessary for the monitoring of performance: real time monitoring of the states, metrology management, customizable mapping, trend analysis, investigation and reporting.

An original positioning

Vigilo NMS is positioned between entry level monitoring solutions, reserved for limited and non-critical parks, and the Big Four market of IT Monitoring. The architecture of Vigilo allows it to manage large critical parks (several bank references of dozens of thousands of devices). Its design, common to all our products, allows it to adapt and integrate easily within existing systems.

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